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kehleyr: (pagan redhead butterfly)

Receded into her own glittering mist

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Birthdate:Mar 10
By [personal profile] phyncke

I only speak English, Swedish and Finnish, so if your journal is primarily in some other language, I won't be able to read it. And please... NO LURKERS!


Credit for the banner goes to [community profile] kehleyr_icons

If being sane is thinking there's something wrong with being different... then I'd rather be completely fucking mental!

Well I was born on a warm spring day in March as the only girl surrounded by newly born boys on the ward in the hospital. The year was 1978, more than 30 years ago.

My Likes
So what am I into? Well loads of stuff... some of them are: Angelina Jolie, NCIS, House MD, Stargate Atlantis, writing stories, Poetry, letters, Faeries, Witches, Ancient Egyptian Culture... well look at my interests below for the longer list :-)

My icon community

Earthbound Goddess


The Fable Tribe

Profile code and graphics by: 4kennedy

blinkie by laurahon I am a PISCES Image hosting by Photobucket and damn proud of it ;-D! blinkie by laurahon

If you are wondering where my LJ name comes from... check this pic out :-D:
By [personal profile] phoenixothon



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 photo gaia_zps50d12b5a.png

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(c) oh_la_lalla_la

 photo tumblr_lqzj95mCGU1qd81dbo1_400.gif  photo tumblr_lqzj95mCGU1qd81dbo2_400.gif  photo tumblr_lqzj95mCGU1qd81dbo3_400.gif
 photo tumblr_lqzj95mCGU1qd81dbo4_400.gif  photo tumblr_lqzj95mCGU1qd81dbo5_400.gif  photo tumblr_lqzj95mCGU1qd81dbo6_400.gif

 photo tumblr_lnbe66Tmqn1qdmrvxo1_500.jpg
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 photo redhead_water1_zpsc34e24e7.jpg

 photo Untitled-9BYdionisia2005.png
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 photo pU1p3ehaPpbx6t0xRuS2Pux7o1_500_large-1_zps164f29a2.jpg

 photo angelinatatuntitled26zm5ah.png  photo angelinaleopardwv7245.png

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Credit for the Angelina Mood icons goes to!!!
And many thousands of thanks to [personal profile] treewitch for installing them for me!
Credit for the other Angelina Mood theme goes to [profile] 6hundred72
And many thousands of thanks to [profile] _madam_mina_ for installing them for me!

The current header is made by me [community profile] kehleyr_icons

Oh and check out [community profile] kehleyr_icons for my icons ;-P!

If any of the images/gifs are made by you and there is no credit given then please let me know and I'll update with proper credit! Thank you!

Interests (157):

aliens, ancient egypt, ancient egyptian culture, andrea parker, angelina jolie, anita blake, art, art nouveau, astronomy, autumn, avalon, beautiful women, beauty and the beast, bettie page, bisexual, bisexuality, books, butterflies, caffeine, candles, castles, cats, cemeteries, charm bracelets, chocolate, coffee, corsets, crafts, creativity, crows, dark art, depeche mode, discworld, dogs, dracula, dragonflies, drawing, dreaming, dreams, ellen degeneres, embroidery, erotica, faeries, fantasy, fat mail, female bonding, film, firefly, flirting, flowers, folklore, friendship, full moon, gardening, ghost stories, goblins, goth, goth girls, gothic, gothic architecture, graveyards, halloween, handbags, harley quinn, haunted places, hauntings, horror, house md, hugs, k'ehleyr, kissing, laughter, laurell k. hamilton, letters, lilacs, loreena mckennitt, lost, lotr, magic, mail art, marilyn monroe, mermaids, moonlight, moths, movies, music, mystery, mythology, myths, nature, ncis, nightwish, old graveyards, orbs, owls, pagan, paganism, painting, paranormal, pen pals, philosophy, photography, pisces, poetry, pre-raphaelites, pullips, purple, rain, reading, relaxation, resident evil, romance, ruins, runes, scary movies, scented candles, sci-fi, science fiction, scrubs, sga, sketching, snow, soul-sisters, space, star trek, star trek tng, stargate atlantis, stars, stationary, stickers, tarot, tattoos, tea, tears, terry pratchett, the addams family, the crow, the cure, the elements, the fifth element, the universe, tim burton movies, tolkien, tori amos, true friendship, turtles, unconditional love, vampires, victoria frances, victorian era, water, wildflowers, winter, witchcraft, witches, women, writing
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